2 Hacks for Putting a Bracelet on Solo

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I was never much of a bracelet wearer, until I started making some styles I love that actually fit! I’ve been hearing from customers who are thrilled with the closer fit, but not the trickiness of putting the bracelets on by themselves. After mentioning this small challenge, I received many messages from you guys with clever tips that make getting ready a little easier!

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Tip 1: Use a bobby pin

If your bracelet closure style has an open ring on one end, simply thread a bobby pin through the ring and grip the bobby pin in the palm of your hand to help hold the bracelet in place while you fasten it! The bobby pin then slides right out after you’re done.

hack how to put on a bracelet by yourself

Tip 2: Use a piece of tape

For bracelets where the closure type won’t work with a bobby pin, a gentle piece of tape on one end should do the trick!

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