Before reading a letter, take time to review the envelope that comes with it

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Notice its color, the nature of the handwriting on it, the placement of the addresses, study the stamp, among other things.

When I was a child, I wrote an address on an envelope. I was at the library and showed the envelope to the librarian. He told me that I had placed the addressee’s address on the wrong location on the envelope. He addressed another envelope to show me the correct location for the address.

I was grateful for the lesson but paid more attention to how the librarian dressed. He wore clothing that were decades old.

This was the 1990s. His clothes were from the 1970s. The bell-bottoms pants stood out because they were long and fat at the same time and seemed to sweep the floor when he walked. I remember his haircut. It was immaculate. The dark of his hair matched the shade of his glasses and of his skin.

Lesson over, the librarian walked away with a smile that proved his pride in teaching me something new. It is a lesson I have carried throughout the years. Place the addressee’s address in the middle of the envelope. Place the sender’s address on the far top left of the envelope.

Never place the stamp first on a plain envelope. What if you get the address wrong and need to destroy the envelope? The stamp should not be a casualty of your mistake.

To prevent this, let the stamp be the last thing you place on the envelope, after you have sealed it with the letter inside it. Lesson learned.


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