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Hello friends and welcome back! We don’t know about you, but we think Sunday funday is made even more fun with The Link Up, and today is a VERY special one because it is the first after being formally introduced to you all via this post. Now that we are all best digital friends, these links are even more special, right? Right. Let’s get to it:

First up, today’s featured home tour (via Lonny) is the breath of fresh air we all needed, and we definitely suggest clicking over to see the rest if you love a neutral home as much as we do.

We finally convinced Brian Henderson to be apart of the link up! This is his favorite V-neck T-shirt and he wears them almost every day (from Emily: “this makes Christmas shopping for him VERY easy”).

Veronica has been searching for a pair of white pants for what feels like her entire life and she finally found them. They are so comfy and super stretchy. 

Arlyn, who you might remember from this post is a cooking enthusiast, is pretty jazzed about this apron she just ordered. Full disclosure: this is not a review as she’s waiting on the package, but she wanted to share anyway because it’s an apron with BUILT-IN OVEN MITS! From Arlyn: “Why has no one thought of this before? Well, maybe someone has, but I like the way this one looks.”

From Mallory: “I don’t know anything about skincare and am trying to find a skin routine. Since I’m melanin-deficient, everyone has been telling me I need to wear sunscreen every day and that my SPF 15 ain’t gonna cut it. I am using this now and I LOVE.”

These are Jess’ favorite reusable straws. Yes, they are unapologetically fancy but she loves how beautiful they look displayed in her kitchen and in her morning iced coffee. They are thick so the quality is awesome and aren’t as delicate as you may think.

Watching ceramicists throw is Sara’s new meditation (and also how she learns new skillz). This account is her favorite.

We got to talking about plumbing issues in the office and Bowser remembered she had recently read this handy article over at Don’t Ask Do. If you are having drainage issues but don’t want to pay a plumber head over there to get the low down and everyone (especially those of us with a lot of long hair) should have a cobra in the house at all times to try before pouring toxic chemicals into your drain.

One of Ryann’s favorite Instagram follows is @dellostudio. She loves the wavy, strange geometric sculptures juxtaposed with the somehow calming nature of their photos that make scrolling through their feed such a treat.

Caitlin loves “The Office” (shocker!) and needs EVERYONE to listen to the brand new Office Ladies podcast. It’s hosted by Jenna Fischer (Pam) and Angela Kinsey (Angela, obvi) who are REAL LIFE best friends! The podcast is dissecting EVERY EPISODE in order and giving behind the scenes details from each. Caitlin’s watched “The Office” all the way through at least 10 times (anyone else have it on every night before bed?) and Jenna dropped some crazy fast facts that Caitlin’s never even noticed before. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 

From Arlyn: “I’ve long had a crush on Commune Design. Their designs are the kind that make you stop and think ‘why does no one else do this/think of this.’ Architectural Digest recently published a look into the founders Los Feliz condo and I’m basically obsessed. If you love spaces that look well-lived and layered yet still somehow tailored and purposeful—and colorful—head over to see it.”

Velinda bought this jumpsuit over the weekend and we love it…and now it’s on sale! It is so “fall” and so comfortable!

Multiple people in the office have been talking about a Korean thriller that came out last weekend called Parasite, which won the Palme D’or this year at the Cannes Film Festival. It’s a great Halloween thriller, but also just an amazing film about class. It’s like Downton Abby but set in modern Korea. Has anyone else seen it? Should we all go see it together?? Please weigh in.

That is all we have for you today. Thanks for stopping by, and we hope to see you around these parts tomorrow. xx

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