Close Up

 I decided to get close to the flowers blooming in the backyard this morning.  My first frame was the Spiderwort.  These flowers are open in the cool of the morning and close by midday.  The bees love them.



A lot of Stella d'Oro lilies are opening lately.  Some plants have six or eight flowers on them.  I don't see bees on these.

The Russian Sage is still blooming.  I don't know how long these spikes of flowers last but it's been a couple weeks and they're still going strong.  I saw a fly or type of bee with an iridescent green head on one stalk today.  Naturally it didn't show up in the picture.

On the side of the house, the Day Lily is blooming like mad.  I swear the flowers used to be more orange, now they're more reddish like the ones in front.  Maybe they're mutating?  Cross-pollinating?

And one bird.  This Goldfinch came to visit just long enough to get his picture taken.  My neighbor has a very Goldfinch-attracting seed mix so I get the pause before they land on the feeder over there.

Today's toss was a pair of Pants no. 1 that I made last year.  I could still wear them but they're so baggy I don't like the way I look in them.

The prompt today said to take a poem and change all of the adjectives to the exact opposite.  I found a short poem by a poet I like and, man, did that change the tone of the poem.  It went from a gray day to a sunny day and an old man to a young one.  Completely different feel.  Interesting.  Finally, a semi-normal prompt.


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