Fashion Favorites: Top 10 White Blouses

The White Blouse is ever-present and a closet must-have. Gone are the days of finding only a button-up-Oxford, which as much as we loved, needed a bit of variety. As we shift into a modern era, the white blouse has also shifted to maintain its ubiquity.

Transformative Properties

In your closet, the white blouse serves its function for work and for play. In the summer, a light cotton or linen blouse goes from ‘comfortable in the outdoors’ to ‘not entirely freezing while indoors.’ In the winter, a crisp, white collar poking out from under a sweater adds an air of polish, and an extra layer of warmth! And yes, you can wear white after Labor Day! 

The proportions of a neat, white blouse will transform itself, you, and the wardrobe piece with which you pair, from casual shorts/skirts evoking weekend comfort, to slinky cigarette pants for cocktails and even the formal ball skirt, which many designers, like Carolina Herrera and Donna Karan feature regularly on their runways paired with an ever-universal crisp, white blouse.

To tuck….or not?

I know women who wouldn’t be caught dead leaving the house in an untucked shirt, whereas I also know plenty of women who find a tucked-in shirt to be binding, and high maintenance, so this is really going to be a unique call for every Prime Woman. Consider doing both! It’s a very modern look to tuck just in front and let the sides and back stay out. Certainly, in more formal situations, it would take just the right pairing to pull off un-tucked, but it certainly is doable. The same goes for casual scenarios where the constant tuck can come off as a bit ‘Stepford Wife’ in appearance.

DO: what you feel is most comfortable. This means accepting health conditions and time value as much as the overall aesthetic. If you feel uncomfortable, chances are you look uncomfortable.

Check back here often, as we will be swapping out the selections from time to time, as each season brings slight twists to the classics.

Here’s our List of the Top 10 White Blouses for Summer:

Treasure & Bond Drapey Classic Shirt

Treasure & Bond Drapey Classic Shirt, $69

Madewell Side-Button Oversized Ex-Boyfriend Shirt

Madewell Side-Button Oversized Ex-Boyfriend Shirt, $79.50

Lee Uniforms Junior's' Short-Sleeve Stretch Oxford Blouse

Lee Uniforms Junior’s’ Short-Sleeve Stretch Oxford Blouse, $13.99+

LAUREN Ralph Lauren Linen Dolman-Sleeve Shirt

LAUREN Ralph Lauren Linen Dolman-Sleeve Shirt, $79.50

Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Gauze Striped Shirt

Eileen Fisher Organic Cotton Gauze Striped Shirt, $178

Talbots Perfect Sleeveless Shirt

Talbots Perfect Sleeveless Shirt, $69.50

Boss Bashiva Poplin Sleeveless Blouse

Boss Bashiva Poplin Sleeveless Blouse, $158

Banana Republic Flutter Sleeve Top

Banana Republic Flutter Sleeve Top, $69.50

Max Mara Silk Top

Max Mara Silk Top, $525

Loft Clip V-Neck Shirt

Loft Clip V-Neck Shirt, $54.50


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