Gear Lust: 23 Gifts for Outdoorsy People

Give gifts that enhance the outdoor experience and relish the fact that your loved one will carry your gift along on great adventures.

All items listed here are things weve personally tested or brands that we love. From a tent to hiking boots, weve got you covered.

L.L. Bean Ultralight 850 Hooded Down Jacket Mens& Womens: $249

LL Bean Ultralight 850 Down Jacket

Give the gift of versatile, sustainable warmth with the Ultralight 850 Hooded Down Jacket. The DownTek PFC-free insulation stays dry longer, which means excellent warmth no matter the conditions. Elasticized cuffs and drawcord hem keep the cold wind out. And the internal zippered pocket keeps essentials handy.

Whether heading to the mountains or relaxing in town, this durable, sustainable, and packable jacket is an everyday essential. With plenty of styles, lengths, and colors, youre bound to find the perfect fit.

Hydro Flask Cooler Cup: $25

Hydro Flask Cooler Cup

Its a koozie when you want it, a cup when you need it.Hydro Flasks unassuming Cooler Cup has an ingenious design: The silicone lid that holds a can in place doubles as a nonslip base for the 12-ounce vessel. Weve tried it and love it its easy to use, insulated, and very packable. Great for frequent and year-round campers.

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Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler: $250

Fill it, chill it, and never leave home without it. The Pelican Dayventure Backpack Cooler is a rugged, lightweight, and comfortable backpack that features dual-insulated compartments. The bottom is a dedicated cooler, complete with a leak-resistant zipper and enough room for a six-pack.
The insulated upper compartment provides excellent storage for dry goods, supplies, and more, and features a wide roll-top opening for easy access. Regardless of what you carry, you can rest assured knowing it will be safe in this durable, waterproof, tear-resistant pack.

REI Co-op Big Haul 40 Duffel: $90

REI Co-op Big Haul 40 Duffel

This duffel is undeniably cool.It doesnt just look rugged, itisrugged. We took it across the U.S.-Mexico border last year for a multiday bikepacking trip. Not only that, but since then weve dropped it, kicked it, strapped it down, and stuffed it in overhead bins, and it shows zero signs of fatigue.

With some cleverly designed carry options backpack straps, shoulder sling, and suitcase carry and not too many features, the REI Big Haul Duffel 40L wins our praise. Compression straps, ballistic nylon construction, and daisy chains make this a versatile and durable bag.

And at 40 L, its small enough to bring almost anywhere but big enough to bring almost anything.

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Ombraz No-Arm Sunglasses: $140

Tested: Ombraz strapped sunglasses without sidearms review

Doubt that drawcord sunglasses are more comfortable? We did too until we tried them.Ombraz sunglasses offer a whole new look on shades, and were here for them. The armless sunglasses are easy to put on and take off, provide surprising comfort, and resist falling off your head like traditional frames. Still not sure? Check out our review here.

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Leatherman FREE P2: $120

Leatherman Free multitool fanned open

A Leatherman is never a bad gift, but this year the brand gave gear lovers something to reallylust for. The FREE series, new for 2019, uses magnets to rethink how we use multitools. Most notably, the pliers-based FREE P2 sports one-handed operation flick your wrist, and the tool butterflies open with a flourish.

Plus, DIYers can access all the implements with a simple thumbroll, sure to save more than a few fingernails. We reviewed the FREE P2 and theFREE K Series pocket knife. We love them. Maybe buy two youre sure to want want for yourself.

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Western Rise Evolution Pant Mens: $149

Western Rise Evolution Travel Pant

Functionally stylish but with a little give in the weave, the Evolution is a great slim pant and among our favorite mens travel pants.The material has a durable weave that mimics denim. And the DWR coating is outstanding and even kept us dry while standing in a downpour.

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tasc Performance Carrollton T-Shirt Mens: $38

Tasc Performance Shirt

Looking for the ultimate do-all shirt?Then its time you met tasc Performance. Made from a blend of organic cotton and bamboo (with a touch of spandex), this T-shirt is unbelievably comfortable. Plus, it has an antimicrobial treatment to prevent odor build up and four-way stretch for full range of movement.

The Carrollton is also available in a long-sleeve and hoodie. For women, check out these great options.

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Vasque Clarion 88 GTX Mid Hiking Boot Mens & Womens: $160

Vasque Clarion 88 waterproof boots
Photo credit: Ari Lamb Creative

Look cool, stay dry. Vasque relaunches the heritage Clarion 88 boot, now with waterproof suede leather and a GORE-TEX membrane. Available in color-splashed or monochrome mens and womens styles, the Clarion 88 looks like a hand-me-down boot from the days of Magnum P.I. and Sweatin to the Oldies.

Weve been wearing these on summer camp trips, fall hikes, and even early-season blizzards in Denver. The boots live up to the GORE-TEX reputation, keeping our feet dry and warm through a variety of conditions.

Black Diamond Solution Harness Mens & Womens: $70

Black Diamond Solution Climbing Harness - Outdoorsy Gift Guide

Slender, lightweight, and super inexpensive:Black Diamonds Solution harnessoffers a whole lot of bang for not a lot of buck. We tested this harness and were impressed with its comfort, construction, and value. Its a great choice for logging hours at the gym this winter or as an all-around go-to harness.

Sea to Summit Ascent (Unisex) & Flame (Womens) Sleeping Bags: $299-549

Sea to Summit Ascent and Flame Sleeping Bags

What were our favorite sleeping bags this year?Sea to Summit swept the top spots for both men and women. The unisex Ascent 15-degree was the male testers favorite, while the ultralight womens Flame bag won over our female tester.

The Ascent scored big for cushy warmth, strong construction, and an ability to accommodate numerous sleep positions. As for the Flame, it provides great loft, high packability, and simple but comfortable construction.

Want to learn more about our favorite sleeping bags? Check out GearJunkies Best Sleeping Bags.

BioLite SolarHome 620 Lights, Charger and Radio: $150

BioLite Solar Home 620

Had it with the city life? BioLites Solar Home 620 kitturns any dwelling into an off-grid sanctuary. Be it your campsite, cabin, or car, the Solar Home 620 adds illumination and entertainment powered by the sun.

The kit includes a6W solar panel, MP3/FM radio, and three hanging lights each putting out 100 lumens. This makes a great gift for car campers, van lifers, and doomsday preppers.

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Kammok Mantis All-In-One Hammock Tent:$229

Kammok Mantis All-in-One hammock tent

The hammock craze is here to stay, and all-in-one hammock systems could be the next big thing. Kammoks Mantis All-In-One Hammock Tent offers a lightweight base, bug net, and rainfly tarp. So with the Mantis, you can hang in virtually any element rain, bugs, or clear, starry night.

The whole shebang weighs in at 2 pounds 12 ounces and comes with a lifetime Kammok warranty. Plus, our tester tried it out this year and loved it. And if youre looking for an ultralight version, check out the Mantis UL ($259), the same setup in a 2-pound 3-ounce package.

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Cotopaxi Allpa 28L Travel Pack: $170

Cotopaxi Allpa Travel Backpack

Anyone who travels often will appreciate this versatile carry-on.Its sleek, durable, able to fit an incredible amount of stuff in a small space, and won the top spot in our article The Best Travel Backpacks of 2019.

You can completely tuck away the backpack straps and carry like a briefcase. Or wear it comfortably as a backpack. Weve stuffed this pack to the gills countless times and have never had a problem with the zippers.

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Bontrager Specter WaveCel Bike Helmet:$150

Bontrager WaveCel helmet

Looking for a new kind of bicycle helmet?Bontrager made waves (literally) in the cycling world this year with its line of WaveCel helmets. The brand claims its flex, crumple, and glide pleats outperform standard EPS foam helmets when it comes to preventing concussions in common bike accidents.

The claims are controversial, but in our riding tests, the helmets proved comfortable and offered peace of mind. And at $150, its nowhere near as expensive as some high-performance options.

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NEMO Hornet Elite 2-Person 3-Season Tent: $500

NEMO Hornet Elite Tent

Freestanding, lightweight, and sturdy in foul weather,the NEMO Hornet has proved itself time and again among GearJunkie testers.Mostly, we love how much this tent saves both weight and pack space.The NEMO Hornet Elite weighs a scant 2 pounds 1 ounce.

Ditch some stakes and the stuff sack for a minimum trail weight of 1 pound 11 ounces. And it uses a clever three-pole design, mesh interior, and integrated rainfly for a tent that keeps out bugs, rain, and wind.

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Mountainsmith Zerk 40 Backpack: $220

Mountainsmith Zerk 40 backpack

Mountainsmiths Zerk 40 pack is short for Berzerk,and thats exactly who the brand tapped to help design it. With design input and testing by the one and only Real Hiking Viking (a.k.a. thru-hiker Tom Gathman), Mountainsmith developed a pack built for fast and long pursuits on trail.

Add or remove bungees and straps as you see fit on this semi-customizable pack, all to add comfort and carry options, or drop weight. The primary concept behind the pack, Gathman told us, is to make all hiking essentials stowable and accessible on the go.

Want a full breakdown? Check out the video review we did with The Real Hiking Viking.

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Wave Tools Therapy Myofascial Release Massager: $50

Wave Tools Therapy myofascial release

Trigger it, scrape it, rub it, and massage that pain away withthe simple but versatile Wave tool.The Wave boasts eight different surfaces for various myofascial release and soft tissue manipulation.

The brand advertises it fortreating adhesions, scar tissue, fibrosis, trigger points, myofascial restriction, pain, and cellulite. We use it for post-climb/ride/hike muscle relief.

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DemerBox Bluetooth Speaker: $299

Demer Box - Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Add more tunes to your life.This rugged speaker will keep the music flowing for 40 hours on a single charge. Its waterproof, portable, and you can even pair speakers for a full-on party. Its become our favorite go-to speaker and is the ultimate gift for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors with their favorite songs pumping.

You can choose from a variety of colors, or surprise your favorite angler with the limited-edition Fly Box DB2.

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RohanNordic Jeans Mens&Womens: $140

Rohan Nordic Jeans

Go ahead, ski in jeans!Rohans Nordic Jeans look and feel like everyday denim, thanks to THERMOLITE PRO tiny ceramic pigments that transfer infrared rays from the sun into heat that keeps your legs warm. No bulky lining means more range of motion but all the benefits of cold-weather pants.

Weve been wearing a pair through an early-season cold snap and can attest they work like a charm. Theyre not waterproof, so they wont replace your actual ski bibs but theyre great as stylish trousers when the mercury dips.

Pocketalk Language Translator: $249-299

Pocketalk Language Translator

Add a layer of confidence to your travels with a pocket-size translation device.Pocketalk knows conversational speech patterns in 74 languages and works like a walkie-talkie. Set your input and output languages, then hold down the left button to speak. When youre done recording up to 30 seconds of speech, let go and Pocketalk plays back in the output language almost instantly.

DeveloperSourcenext claims its cloud-based translation outperforms Google Translate and in our use, the Pocketalk caught virtually all idioms and turns of phrase. Plus, Pocketalk utilizes noise-canceling speakers to make it easer to hear in busy, noisy public places. The device alone costs $249 to work off your phones data or Wi-Fi.

But for $299, comes with 2 years of unlimited use and a global SIM card that works in 126 countries.

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Appalachian Gear Company All-Paca Fleece Hoodie Womens& Mens: $145

Appalachian Gear Company alpaca fleece hoody

Want to get in on what might be the next big brand?Appalachian Gear Company (AGC) uses 100-percent alpaca fiber with no harsh chemical processing, no synthetic fibers, and all U.S. manufacturing. The result: AGCs trademark All-Paca material a warm, soft, stretchy alternative to merino.

Weve worn these hoodies through fall and winter and can attest to their comfort, whether on a chilly walk, in a drafty gear cave, or snuggling up at home at the end of an epic day. This Charlotte, North Carolina-based brand launched on Kickstarter late last year and is just now making a name for itself.

Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit: $100

Fireside Outdoor Pop Up Fire Pit

Bring fire to the backcountry without leaving a trace.The Fireside Outdoor Pop-Up Fire Pit sets up in a minute, burns fast, and generates about 80 percent less smoke that a typical fire pit. Best of all, it wont scorch the earth beneath all thanks to its Fire Mesh design, which allows air to draw in from below.

The result is a more efficient fire that complies with both BLM and National Forest Service regulations. Great for rafters and adventures by land where low impact is a must, the Pop-Up Fire Pit weighs 8 pounds and can hold up to 125 pounds of firewood. Best of all, it cools to the touch within minutes of snuffing the flame. Weve tried it and are impressed.

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