The ultimate garden party guide

Words by Tammy Levine, LLM USA correspondent.

As much as we love the simplicity and enthusiasm of game-day BBQs, there is nothing like the charm and sophistication of a garden party. Surrounded by lush, garden scenery and floral arrangements that smell absolutely divine, these elevated affairs are the perfect excuse to dress up, nosh of savory spreads and enjoy the final days of warm weather.

Since garden parties are a tiny bit fancier than your typical backyard bash, it helps to know the basics. If youre the host throwing a first-time garden party, you might feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. If youre a guest, you probably have the usual questions: What can you expect? Should you bring anything? And most importantly, what should you wear?

In this guide, well cover both roles so you can relax, enjoy yourself and be a gracious host or a picture-perfect guest. Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about garden parties.

Throwing a garden party

So, youre the host of this whimsical, backyard soiree. Good for you! Someone has to do it, and youre the perfect person for the job.

Not so sure about that? After reading this guide, youll be ready to host a gorgeous garden party in confidence and style.

If you want to be a good host, its important to make your guests comfort a priority

Choose a color palette

First things first: Your color palette. Though a theme isnt necessary for a garden party (FYI, flowers are your theme), a color palette is key to putting together a cohesive look. Your choice of colors will act as your roadmap for all your dcor, your music and potentially your menu, so choose wisely.

When choosing your color scheme, play around with different textures and patterns. For example, pair your colors with chevron accents to make your dessert table pop or see how they look when combined with a burlap table runner.

Create stunning (and informative) invitations

Both practical and elegant, invitations set the tone for the party and give your guests important information for the event. These days, you can hop on a number of invitation maker websites and craft gorgeous invites in your color palette.

Remember to add the time, date and location of the event. Also, it helps to be specific about the dress code. Does the affair call for business casual attire? If you dont want the guys showing up in comic t-shirts and blue jeans, be sure to spell it out (politely, of course) for your guests.

Plan your menu

As you probably know, a typical garden party menu doesnt involve hot dogs and hamburgers. Instead, focus on building a menu with an array of finger foods (think deviled eggs and tea sandwiches) that your guests can nosh on without feeling too heavy. Dont forget to dazzle your guests with a signature cocktail!

Make Your guests comfortable

If you want to be a good host, its important to make your guests comfort a priority. For instance, you can have a basket with blankets outside in case one of your guests gets too cold.

One of the biggest discomforts that often plague garden parties are mosquitos. Consider placing mason jars with citronella or eucalyptus scents to keep mosquitos at bay. Bonus: They double as dcor!

Plan your menu carefully to ensure your guests dont leave the party hungary

Set the scene

Florals are a must for any garden party, so be sure to splurge on seasonal blooms that go with your color palette. If you havent already, make friends with your local florist and get their expert advice on which flowers will look the best for your backyard bash.

When it comes to florals, keep in mind that you dont need to stop at your centerpieces. Consider adding a sprig of lavender to your cocktails, choosing plates with subtle floral details or designing your invites with lovely blooms to set the mood.

Build a playlist

Even if you dont think your garden party needs it, you may want to build a playlist to serve as light, background noise. Ideally, youll want it to be at least three hours long and be turned down low enough for guests to have normal conversation. Be sure to keep the tunes light and carefree.

Attending a garden party

If you read the hosts section, then you know that pulling off the perfect garden party takes a lot of work. To take some of the stress off the host (and get invited back), the best thing you can do is to be a helpful, model guest. Here is how to do exactly that:

RSVP on time

If your invitation requests that you RSVP, you need to do it in a timely manner. The invite should have a deadline, but if not, send back your response as soon as you know whether you can make it. Even if the host is your best friend and knows youre coming, responding officially is the polite thing to do.

Dress the part

Always follow the dress code on your invitations. If there wasnt a dress code, opt for a smart casual look.

Keep in mind that garden parties are held during the day in the heat of the summer. If you dont want to be sweating in your clothes, take a style tip from the Southerners playbook by dressing in classic Southern clothing. Button-down shirts and khaki pants for men are always a solid choice, while the ladies can wear Southern dresses for an effortlessly chic look.

Garden parties are not the time to be wild and drink like you did in your college days

Offer to help

When you first arrive to the party, youll probably greet the host who is busy cooking or finishing up with the dcor. Rather than stand there, awkwardly, ask them if they could use help. Even if they say no, your host will appreciate you having asked.

Go easy at the bar

Garden parties are not the time to be wild and drink like you did in your college days. Keep it classy and know your limit. Drink water in between your alcoholic drinks and make sure to get enough food in your stomach.

Thank your host

Ideally, you should thank your host twice: Once during the party when youre about to leave and a week or so after the party with a thank you note. While some hosts might not expect the second note, its a kind gesture nonetheless and shows your appreciation.

Relax and enjoy

While there might be a little more to a garden party than your spur-of-the-moment BBQ, its totally worth it. Everyone loves a good excuse to dress nice, sip fancy cocktails and have a good time with friends.

Whether youre the guest or the host in this scenario, remember to relax, smile and dont sweat the small stuff. If you make an etiquette faux pas, just consider it a learning lesson for the next backyard soiree that comes around (and trust us, it will come around).

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