Style Session: 3 Winter Outfit Formulas x2

This blog post is a companion to the IGTV video I recently published featuring six easy winter outfits. You can also watch the video on YouTube, which is linked above!

This time of year, building outfits that fit your need for interesting style AND staying warm can be a challenge. To help myself get motivated and make winter dressing easier, I came up with three outfit formulas and put them to work in my closet, testing each formula two times. Im thrilled with the results Im even wearing one of these outfits right now as I write this post!

FORMULA ONE: Cardigan + Turtleneck + Sneakers

Keeping warm is a top priority for me in the winter and I love finding new ways to do it. I like the turtleneck-and-cardigan combination because its kind of librarian-esque but the trainers and big hoops (which you sadly cant see in this pic!) add an element of contrast (my favorite accessory!).

Outfit Details:

Cardigan no19 (one size), Baba Knitwear
Turtleneck, KOTN, sold out (very similar)
Jeans, Vintage Levis (501) (similar)
TREAD sneaker, c/o Everlane
Earrings, Bagatiba Hollow Hoops (Similar for less)


I love this version of formula number one. Probably because I love this leopard turtleneck so much! It makes every outfit look good. The turtleneck tends to be dressy and the dirty Converse are a lovely juxtaposition, making the outfit fun and practical.

Someone asked me on Instagram about the dry clean only instructions for this shirt. I have washed mine in the machine three times so far, and it still looks great. I put it in on the hand wash setting and run it inside out, by itself and then air dry. I think it is dry clean only because this type of soft fabric tends to get pilly. If you wanted to be extra cautious, you could probably get by on handwashing.

Outfit Details:

Cardigan: no longer available (similar one coming to Everlane soon! or try this one from Cuyana)
Turtleneck (L), Rachel Pally
Jeans, Vintage Levis (517) (similar)
Cons, Thrifted (similar, made in the USA)
Earrings, Bagatiba Mini Hollow Hoops

FORMULA TWO: Long Sleeves + Jumpsuit + Flat Boot

This seems like a natural combination and I dont know why I didnt think of it sooner. Honestly, this would be even cuter with a turtleneck! KOTN has the cutest turtlenecks if youre in the market. The cotton is super luxurious and thick (read: warm) and the price point is very accessible. I keep putting the cocoa one in my cart. I wore a version of this yesterday and I added black socks (again, from KOTN) The socks go about halfway up my calf, and they kept my legs nice and toasty!

Outfit Details:

Long Sleeve Tee, KOTN, sold out (similar in white) (similar in burnt umber)
Denim Jumpsuit, REIFhaus, no longer available
Ralf Boot (10), Freda Salvador
Earrings, Twist Hoops (similar)
Necklace, Double Curb, c/o Mejuri


Outfit repeating like a champ! Ive worn this combination a handful of times since I bought it from local Portland clothiers North of West, and I love it every time! Its an easy, foolproof outfit, and this shirt looks good with other pants (anything high-waisted especially!) and this jumpsuit would look cute with a turtleneck as well! *Bonus: both pieces are on end-of-season sale right now!

Outfit Details:

Steps of Morgan Mockneck (M), North of West*
Carmen Jumpsuit (M), North of West*
Boots, Freda Salvador
Earrings, Bagatiba Mini Hollow Hoops
Necklace, c/o Rebecca Mir Grady

FORMULA THREE: Black Jeans + Black Platform Boots + Anything!

I dont often wear black and white, and if I were to leave the house in this look I would most certainly add a warm-colored third piece, in the form of a jacket, scarf or bag. I really like the pairing of the feminine top and the masculine boots, it makes my inner sartorial heart sing. I honestly cant say enough good things about these boots, they are crazy-comfortable. Great for the cold, damp PNW climate.

Outfit Details:

Blouse, Sezane, almost sold out (similar)
Liza High Waist Straight Leg Jean (28), Reformation
Platform Boots, Dr. Martens (9 runs big)


As the formula states, you really could wear anything on top! I chose this sweater because its big, cozy and really soft. I wore this outfit after I shot the video but added darker socks because I like a more streamlined look. The black jeans and boots would look great with a blazer or cardigan too. You could easily pull off this look with non-platform black boots as well!

Outfit Details:

Cashmere Rib Sweater (M), c/o Everlane
Liza High Waist Straight Leg Jean (28), Reformation
Platform Boots, Dr. Martens (9 runs big)
Earrings, Twist Hoops (similar)
Medallion Necklace, Missoma

Thanks so much for reading along today! If you enjoyed this video, let me know! I am planning on creating some YouTube exclusive videos pretty soon (the widescreen, audio-friendly format is calling to me!), and I am very excited about it. If youre interested in following along, Id love for you to subscribe to my fledgling channel!

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