Rothys Test Drive: Big Cat + the Sneaker

This post is NOT sponsored. I did receive these shoes as a gift from Rothys. They did not ask for a blog post (just sharing on Instagram), but I like them so much I wanted to collect my thoughts in a blog post for you guys. This post contains affiliate links.

I was very jazzed to receive an exciting parcel in the mail the other day: my very own Rothys shoes to try out! Its no secret this brand is kind of everywhere right now. And now I know why. Undoubtedly, marketing strategies account for some of it, but that only works if the product actually delivers. And guess what? It does!


1 Style + Comfort

I am going to put on my old lady hat for a minute and tell you that these shoes are fantastic for everyday life, running errands, doing mom things, going to meetings, because they are stylish AND comfortable! The pointy flat is easy to walk in and comfortable on my toes, despite its narrow shape. The sneaker is great for being on your feet and walking for long periods of time. A few years ago I had a pair of black Vans that I wore a ton. They were so cool, but eventually I wore them out. Surprisingly these similar-styled black sneakers are even more comfy! AND, big bonus here, I can wear them without socks because theyre washable!! Which brings me to #2.

2 Machine Washable

Yes, you can actually machine wash these shoes!! You just remove the insoles, and thrown the shoes and the insoles in the wash, on cold, and air dry! Its really nice to have the option to give your shoes a good refresh, especially a pair of flats, which we typically wear without socks every time. A few ladies commented on my Instagram post that these shoes are great for travel because theyre lightweight and packable. And I would add that having travel shoes you can wash after you return home is a great bonus too!

3 Sustainable AND Ethical

The third, and perhaps most important thing that makes this brand great is that they have sustainability and ethics at the center, at every step of their business. Most of their styles are created with material made from recycled plastic water bottles (very cool). The shoes are actually knit in the shape of the shoe, avoiding wasted scrap materials. The foam insoles are made with bio-based castor oil and recycled materials.

I was pleasantly surprised to see nearly all the materials the shoes arrived in were recyclable too! From the box, to the cardboard stuffing inside the shoe. AND the shoe box itself is strong enough to use for shipping, so no double-boxing needed.

This, was the thing that surprised me the most about Rothys though. They OWN their supply chain. If youve spent any time reading about ethics violations in brands, it often occurs in the third-party, non-owned factories they use to produce their materials or products. Rothys creates their own materials using recycled plastic and 3D knitting technology and they own the factory where all their shoes are made. This means they can control all the steps in their supply chain, from sustainability aspects to how their employees are treated. Read more about it all here.


The Sneaker in Black Solid

OUTFIT DETAILS: Shirt / Sweater, c/o / Pants / Shoes / Bag, c/o

Im wearing the Sneaker in Black Solid in my true size (10). I love how these feel on my feet, and immediately continued to wear them after these pictures! Its a little chilly to have ankles out right now, but I anticipate wearing these quite a bit when we round the corner on winter. I like the way the material feels on my feet, its sort of like mesh, but more tightly woven, flexible, breathable and comfortable.

Big Cat

OUTFIT DETAILS: Jacket / Shirt / Pants / Shoes / Bag, c/o

The Big Cat is the kind of shoe you can add to nearly any outfit (especially if your closet is filled with neutrals like mine) and take it up a notch. I have a feeling these shoes will get lots of wear, especially for all those times when I feel like my boots and daily shoes are too casual. These are an outfit star! And I think they would be super cute with a dress too. I am wearing the Big Cat is a half size up (10.5).

Have you tried Rothys? Many weighed in on Instagram sharing their affection for this unassuming shoe. Id love to hear your thoughts!

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